Maarten Kal

Documentary and Commissioned Film

Dutch Castles

documentary - cinematography

Levende Buitenplaatsen is a documentary about Dutch castles and country houses. 12 themes are explored in a 35 minute long documentary. Camera and editing by Maarten Kal. Only available in Dutch.

Castle of Horn

Levende Buitenplaatsen

'Levende Buitenplaatsen' is a Dutch documentary about the history of castles and country houses in the Netherlands. For this film, 12 castles and country houses were selected to highlight different thematic aspects of these historic sites.. The film is commissioned by the foundation 1012 theme year to promote the Dutch historic castles and country houses. I was asked to do camera and editing for this film.

The film was broadcasted on Nostalgie Net (a theme channel), RTV Utrecht and RTV Drenthe. (regional broadcasters). Also, the film is available on DVD and to be seen online below.

Entire documentary


Presentation - Bastiaan Ragas and Harm Edens
Director - Wim Dröge en Hans Bouhuijs
Camera & Editing- Maarten Kal
Producer - WDTV and Bouhuijs Produkties


Province of Utrecht
KF Heinfonds
Ridderschap van Utrecht
Stichting Elise Mathilde Fonds

With producer and director Wim Dröge, just after finishing the last day of shooting.