Maarten Kal

Documentary and Commissioned Film

Stemmen van Vincent

documentary - director

Vincent wants to quit his anti-psychotic medication. Will his music help him to get a grip on the voices in his head?

Stemmen van Vincent


Documentaire, 25 minuten


Vincent wants quit his anti-psychotic medication. It puts him on a journey in which he needs to find out where the voices in his head are coming from - and what they mean to him. Will his music help him to get a grip on reality again?


The film is selected to premier on the international Go Short film festival on April 6, 2017. For further screenings see facebook page of the film.


director MAARTEN KAL cinematography NINA BADOUX editor ALEXANDER GOEKJIAN sound recordist & design RAOUL POPMA script advisor LIDIJA ZELOVIC producer ELSA SCHAGEN music VINCENT SWIERSTRA voices DANIEL BOISSEVAIN & BOB STOOP color grade FERNANDO BARRIENTOS poster photography DIM BALSEM poster design LEN ROOTH

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